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The hotel is located in the quiet village of Santa Susanna (Barcelona-Catalonia-Spain) on the Coast of Barcelona-Maresme on the seafront along the beach of "Llevant". Our location is privileged and superb for those who are looking for a direct access to the beach, provided with modern and ample facilities and offering a great variety of services and activities. In our hotel complex anyone of you can enjoy a perfect stay, but most of all the children will find within their reach all elements and services to spend a good holidays.


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Since 2001 the Hotel Tahití Playa has implanted a System of Environmental Management according to European Regulation EMAS and international norm ISO 14001, certified by an accredited external company, which tolerates a continuous improvement in our daily activities and a respect for the natural environment, diminishing the impacts derived from our activities and the companies that work in our name or our facilities.

Aware of this commitment towards the Environment, the Hotel Tahití Playa has integrated in its internal management political of saving water and energy, specific formation for the employees and sensibleness of its clients, among others.

The evolution of our environmental behaviour is shaped in our Environmental Declaration.

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