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Our complex has three different zones where we offer all kind of services and products:

· In the first place we have the Bar Cafeteria,  a great space with direct view to the Mediterranean Sea and our 
  swimming pools, where you can enjoy all kinds of cocktails, ice cream cups, snacks and a complete supply of hot 
  dishes. In addition we offer you the typical self made sangria elaborated by our professionals. This space has a big 
  terrace where during the summer nights you can enjoy the different night shows we offer.

 With the tip of your toe touching the sand of the Santa Susanna beach, but within our perimeter we have our 
  Snackbar, where we offer all kind of dishes, sandwiches, drinks and ice creams. It is an ideal place for those 
  guests who have half board and want to eat for a good price without leaving the hotel. This place, according to 
  the season, is open from May to October.

· Just on the sand at the beach we have opened a new space called Lounge Beach, where we offer meals during the  
  day, cocktails and during the night ambient music and live music

 And finally we have Mediterranean room, the place to be where the nights become long for those who love to 
  dance and have a drink. This space is equipped with a stage, dance platform, music equipment, big TV screen with
  projector, etc... (depending the season)


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